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Hi all,
I am so glad i found this forum and although you all posted in 2008 I hope you still respond to this. I suffered 2 concussions, one in August 09 and the other in Jan 2010. I had the normal concussion symptoms after the second cocussion, however, my dizziness wasnt going away for months after and I knew something was wrong. Finally it subsided but ever since that day i got hit I have had a constant dull pressure in my head. Its more frontal and sometimes i feel it above my palate in my mouth. I too feel itintesify when I press top of my skull down. I am unable to do any activity, bcs when I do i get really dizzy really tired and groggy for days after. I have seen every frieken doctor in the book. Had mris,ct scans, etc. Got told it was anxiety, tried medication. Bla bla such bs. Finally I too came across atlas orthogonal treatment. I have been seeing a chriopractor and have been getting treated with AO for about 4 weeks now. I havent seen much improvement bcs suppposidely I am not holding the adjustments. Also, the chrio looked at my MRI and he told me that it looks like I have chiari malformation as well, something the 3 neurologists that I saw never mentioned to me before.
To the woman who got the AO treatment how long after you began that tretment did you begin seeing improvements?
Please please please I would love to hear all your responses and how your doing now.
Thank You!!!

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