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Have had alot of different symptoms recently and they are scaring me. I can't afford to see a doc and need some help.

-Anxiety about the whole thing (I'm prone to it)
-chest pains (sometimes)
-generally feeling "out of it" (This is whats bothering me the most)
-Tingling in arms and head/face
-Pressure behind eyes (sometimes)
-Ringing in ears (driving me MAD!)

I have been to doctor and they said it may be neuropathy (when tingling was in legs), and I should see a neurologist, but I am really broke, and want insight about possible other solutions. In addition, I have had blood tests done and had sugar and blood pressure check and all came out fine.

I have heard that things that may cause this could be

-Too much sugar
-Psuedo tumor in head
-Nerve damage from head or back
-Ear infection
-Sinus issues

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