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Hi all ~

I have been experiencing strange dizzy spells for the last month, usually once or twice a week. It just comes out of nowhere and lasts for about 45 seconds - long enough to make me aware of it and scared for a minute, like I'm going to pass out or have a seizure or stroke or something crazy. It comes on suddenly starting with increasing pressure in my head (but without pain) and my vision starts to become blurred. I get momentarily confused and overwhelmed with the feeling that something is about to happen. Then it goes away after about a minute.

I've also had very strange "problems" for a couple years that seem neurologically related but no cause could be found in MRIs. I had a positive Hoffman's sign and hyperreflexia documented by an orthopedist when I went in for neck pain in 2009. A spinal tumor was suspected but the MRI only showed minor bone spurs that were not affecting the spinal cord. He sent me to a neurologist who did a brain MRI. A host of symptoms made him suspect MS, but the MRI was normal. In 2010 I went to the general practitioner for a physical and had an abnormal EKG (negative T waves). A stress test came back normal. Since then I haven't had any real problems that seem neurologically or heart related except for this. I'm very confused.

Any advice?
Hi all ~

While I'm thinking about it, I wanted to post a more detailed summary of what I've been experiencing over the past couple years. Any advice would be so appreciated.

Hand tremors
Shortness of breath
Neck pain (trauma 15 years ago)
Ortho noticed:
Positive Hoffman's sign
Ordered Spinal MRI (no contrast) for spinal obstruction (normal)
Sent to Neuro
Suspected MS and ordered brain MRI (normal)
~ no diagnosis

Shortness of breath
Continued hand tremors
Sudden onset of cold sores (never had even one before 2007)
GP performed physical with abnormal EKG
Ordered stress test (normal)
~ no diagnosis

Significant weight gain around the middle (from size 6 to 14 < a year)
Increasing, more frequent onset of cold sores
Severe constipation
Mouth sores
Extreme fatigue and exhaustion (trouble staying awake while driving)
Weakness/fatigue in the legs
Knee problems (mainly right side behind the knee. Not the knee cap but swelling and stiffness)
Severe heartburn (Barrett's esophagus dx recently from the heartburn)
Colon polyps
Bouts of dizzy spells, accompanied by vertigo, pressure in the head, and blurred vision - no headache (started happening a month ago, ~ 2x per week and comes on suddenly. Very scary)
Thyroid TSH - 2.85 (normal)

There are many more symptoms that I am probably forgetting, but these are the main ones and seem to be getting worse. Since I have never had any sort of diagnosis, only "normal" results for various tests, I am at a loss as to what in the world could be going on. I feel like a total hypochondriac, but something in my gut is telling me something is wrong here. The weight gain of course has me very concerned and embarrassed. I can't afford to keep up with the wardrobe! BTW, I'm 38 if this helps.

Any advice would be so appreciated. :confused:


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