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As you can see in my post what ended up being wrong with me Chiari 1 Malformation that is causing Intracranial Hypertension. I have tons of symptoms.

Constant symptoms are

head pressure
pulsating tinnitus
numbness of some fingers
feel like I am wearing a hat on my head
headache at base of head (varying degree of pain)
neck pain
upper body sore from waist up
carpal tunnel

Intermittent symptoms

burning pain from head to middle back (front & back of body) from mild to severe
numbness in any part of upper body and head
weakness in face and arms and hands
burning and pain in chest in back that has sent me to ER numerous times thinking I am having a heart attack
bad achy pain in neck shoulders and hunchback area where hunch back area actually swells

I have so many symptoms I forget them all - another big one when the pressure is real bad is that I can not talk right. I know what I want to say but can not get the word out. My husband has to finish my sentences.

If you look up the symptoms of these 2 disorders you can see how many there are.

Have you gone to a dr for this or had any tests run? I will be glad to answer any questions. I had to finally see a Chiari specialists in another state to get diagnosed after 6 years of feeling horrible. I am afraid of the surgery and have chosen not to get it at this time. I only work 3 hrs a day for a school and have all the days off that the kids do so I do not work alot and I never could feeling like this. Motrin and heat helps me survive and I just rest when I have to. I can not lift much at all or use my arms or upper body for anything. Well I better stop cause I am probably boring you to tears. Good luck and keep us posted.


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