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Hello everyone. I am new to the forums and I'm in dire need of advice or knowledge on what could be horribly wrong with me. :(
-My Story-
I am a 25 year old male, 155lb. One night getting ready to go to bed, I had the urge to pop my back to relieve some discomfort. It was in my upper spine so I figured I would get relief by pulling on it like hanging from a pullup bar, but instead I lay on my bed on my stomach and hook my feet at the bottom of the mattress while pulling with my arms at the top which pulled on my back like a free hang would. All of a sudden my upper back made a loud popping noise and I could feel it pull part really fast. Along with that my head instantly got dizzy :dizzy: and a loud ringing :eek: sensation happened. (Felt like a just got punched really hard) I was soo scared I didnt know what to do. Along with the ringing and dizzyness my hearing went slightly muffled (like someone adjusting the EQ on a stereo) and a felt this pressure in my head. The weird thing is that I feel no physical pain in my back/neck. I get head aches alot too. This happened almost a year ago and a still feel horrible. All the symptoms I described at the initial moment of it happening are still stuck with me to this day. My head feels almost disconnected from everything. I almost feel like a have brain damage given the way everything is making me feel and how I function. I've seen multiple doctors and they look at me like its just a figment of my imagination. Ive had an MRI done on the brain and they say its clean. I havnt seen a neurologist yet either, just a few family doctors that think im crazy and try to give me anti-depressants. Im begging for help Thanks you
- Ringing in my head (feels like its centered in my head)
- Dizzyness
- Vertigo
- Pressure
- Cloudy Thoughts (Can hardly even think straight most of the time.
- Light Headed
- Tingling Sensations (on back part of my scalp)
- Blurred Vision
- Depression/Sadness (from having to deal with all this)
- Loss of Appetite
- When I Move My Neck left to right it crunches and feels like there is fluid swishing around.
Please HELP! I feel my life is ruined/over. :(

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