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Hey guys, Ive gotta question and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Im a 37 year old male, 6'8" 270lbs. I suffer from GERD, General Anxiety and panic disorder. I was fine up until I saw a new GP dr back in may and was put on two different antidepressants which caused me to have panic attacks on the weaning on period. They were so severe, ive now developed such anxiety that i take Xanax .5 3x's a day. After the attacks I was constantly afraid they would come back, even though they were medicinally induced. It also has turned me into somewhat of a hypochondriac in that I over analyze ever little symptom/pain that my body has and think im dying. I was getting shortness of breath caused by the GERD and thought I was having heart problems, I had a complete nuclear stress test, ekg, and echocardiogram which all came back very good. I recently went to a new dr because I have diabetes on both sides of my family and my old dr didnt have much of a bedside manner. He did a complete blood work on me and everything came back fine. He didnt notice my BP which was 150/102, but i was suffering from a severe lack of sleep and a broken wisdom tooth that had me in extreme pain the morning I saw him. My BP usually stays around 140/80 which I told him and he gave me a script for lisinopril which im afraid to take. He said he wanted to keep the fire down so the flames wouldnt get higher on the BP. Now to my question...Ive always had some type of sinus problems, my nose has always been stuffy in one or both nostrils...I had to stop using nasal decongestants like afrin that id used for years because they caused me to have increased heart rate, high bp, etc. Now I use a saline spray or nasal rinse at least 4 times a day. In the past couple of months, Ive been getting this strange numbness/tingling feeling that usually starts under one eye and goes up around my eye out to my ear. Its sometimes on the right and sometimes on the left. Ive also had twitching from my eyelids off and on. This doesnt happen everyday but just has been off and on the past couple of months. I didnt mention it to either doctor because I thought it was either sinuses/allergies or just a reaction from the xanax or anxiety or something. Ive also been getting a tingling in my scalp, same way..either right or left side. I know this sounds weird but its got me worried. It feels like a slight numbness or tingling almost like novocaine has worn off. I also get it around both eyes but only occasionally. I dont have any weakness in my arms or on one side, so Im hoping its not a stroke or TIA. I have developed a tremor in my right hand that started a couple of months after I started the xanax. I have numbness in my left hand but this is caused by a pinched nerve my new dr thinks...its also sore in my bicep and my shoulder blade on that side so im thinking it may be my bed which sucks. Anyways im more worried about this numbness/tingling sensation in my face..oh and sometimes the side its on feels like I have sinus pressure behind that eye and I get like a irritation that I have to blink to get out of my eye almost like ive got dirt it in or something. Anyways Im sorry im rambling on but i just wanted to see if anyone experiences the same sensations...i get so scared, I look up the symptoms online and I convice myself im having a stroke or have MS or anything else out there...thanks for listening.

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