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Ive always had muscle spasms in my body - relatively harmless although kind of "freaky" as I've had them where they will last over a minute of just a random part in my arm or leg or stomach that just quivers up and down randomly without any pain involved. But - lately, I've been getting these what feel like muscle spasms in my brain and its always in the same area (left side from back to front). They are hot and they HURT while it is happening. I immediately hold that part of my head as if its going to help and just stand there with my eyes closed hoping it will pass. They last anywhere from 5 seconds to 10 seconds and sometimes a few happen consecutively. Afterward that area remains warm for minutes or longer afterward (not to the touch but my brain feels hot in that area).

Is this something relatively common or something anyone else has experienced? It is really scary while it is happening. Im in between doctors right now so decided to post here to get some insight thanks!

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