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Hi all!

For the start I need to say that stress is a pretty big part of my life. Since my childhood I was under alot of pressure, I was going in 2 schools since I was 9 (Music school-piano and the normal one), my father left us several times during the period - my age 13-18,5 - and he also molested my mother and me...unfortunately we we're economically dependent on him so we had to cope with that for years to come. Now we live alone without him, going on courts to get the money we need for living and to get rid of him once and for all.

I'm 21 years old now and I'm attending college. College is kinda hard here in our country, but I have good grades and overall it's not that stressful. Still, there are some stressfull situations but I was used to worse.

During the years of school (starting when I was 13 years old) I had bad anxiety (didn't know and understand then but I know it was now). I had panic attacks (usually when my parents we're fighting) - my body was shaking, my heart racing etc. I was praying that I don't develop stress-diabetes, heart problems or something worse. I was a child and I was ofcourse afraid of death. Didn't want to bother my mother with that since she was under alot of stress herself trying to protect me as much as she could and now she has angina pectoris, high blood-pressure, fat etc.

I never had any health problems, even rarely got flu, until now that is...

6 months ago I was having a seizure around midnight -I got upset for unknown reason while watching a movie and suddenly I thought that somethign was wrong with my heart rate. My heart started to bump fast, cold sweat took over my body, I was shaking and trembling. It passed after 5-6 mins or so, after that I felt weak and went to bed, after I woke up the next day everything was ok, just like before.

My mother was present during the event, she got scared but she was also angry. She blamed it on stress, but she also blamed me for something that is true. For the past year of my life I was spending alot of time on computer playing games, watching movies, but also studying, researching and reading stuff alot, sometimes even over 10 hours a day, also I went to bed everyday in like 3 AM. Computer was always big part of my life, since I was 10. I was spending (if you make an average) approximately 2 hours per day on it with increase in past 2 years. After the event I reduced the time I spent on the PC to maybe 5 hours and went to bed usually around midnight, also I stared to workout regulary.

2 months after (summer now) the event: I was never fat to begin with but I improved my body shape a bit and was feeling better overall, until one night. I went for a run (which I did every day now for 10-15 mins) I ran maybe 2 minutes and I started to feel (or I thought so) pain in my left arm, from that point on I thought I was having a vision blurred, my heart was out of control, I was shaking, barely standing on my feet and barely got back home even thou I didn't get far away. We called an ambulance, they didn't come (probably thought I got sun fever or something) so my mom started the car and she took me to the hospital to see her friend who was a doctor. The Doc did EKG and everythign was fine on it, he said I had a panic attack and told my mother to give me one helax to calm me. During the event my blood pressure was something like 140/95. My usual blood pressure is 120/80 and it's like that every day...even today.

Next day I woke up. I had intense head pressure for the next week or so. During the days I felt that pressure in the back of my head, without any pain, but I felt like I was on drugs, unbalanced and tired. I couldn't define that strange feeling in head, but it was like my head was full of something or that my brain is expanding but stopped by the cranial bones. After that I scanned my heart and lungs, did blood test etc. everything was normal - the blood, the hormones, lungs, heart, except for some increased fat in blood, which is obviously a side effect of the difficult times I had to endure as a kid. 1 week after I went to an operation of nose and tonsils I was scheduled for. (Had trouble breathing normal with those bad tonsils and nose due to a broken nose when I was 7). They put me to sleep did the operation I woke up and recovered perfectly fine, no side effects of narcosis or anything strange.

3 weeks after I was getting back to normal, again on the PC for 5 hours or so, training every day, eating healthly etc. Until 3 days ago when the pressure in the back of the head returned but this time with nausea, I don't feel sleepy but I feel weak. Didn't throw up once and I don't feel like I will but still I feel nauseous and the pressure is bad as it was the first time with minimal almost no pain.

All this leads us to the conclusion. I'm afraid that, because of the intense usage of the computer and exposure to the LCD screen radiation and listening to the music over headphones alot during the years (since I compose on the piano), could there be a chance that I developed a brain tumor?

I will wait for this pressure in the head to go away like the first time, I hope it does. I will again reduce time spent on the computer, if the head pressure comes back again I will take CT scan and/or MR.

Anyone else with similar problems and background?

Greetins from Croatia

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