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I woke up on Thursday morning with a sharp headache and it went away temporarily when I took Paracetamol. The pain returned in the evening. I feel this sharp pain in my head (right side) when I turn my head sideways (it hurts mostly when I turn to the left). My head hurts even when I lie down and try to sleep. On Friday I took Paracetamol but the pain persisted. I went to see a doctor on Saturday and he thinks it's a nerve problem so he prescribed some Paras tablets (to relax the nerves), Sinsia tablets (to reduce inflammation) and some painkillers. I took the meds except painkillers but the pain still persists. In addition, I think my memory is slipping a little. A couple of months before this headache, my left arm and eyes tend to twitch by themselves for a few seconds but I did not feel any pain so I neglected it. A couple of months ago, I began to experience chest pain mainly near the heart area and have some difficulty breathing. These episodes tend to last for only a few seconds so my parents brushed it aside. Sometimes when I walk, I experience a fainting spell and everything goes dark but it also lasts for a few seconds. Sometimes I will go to a place and forget why I went there. There was even a time when I tried to bin my clothes and throw my rubbish into the washing machine! Right now, I have very cold hands and feet and my mother noticed that I walk weirdly, shoulders slanted, almost as if like a stroke patient. The pain in my head started in the right side and now it has spread to the left, temples and back of the head. My neck is rather stiff and so are my shoulders. Last night, the area behind my ears hurt but it doesn't hurt now. Is my problem serious? I'm only 16 so I'm worried about it.

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