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Hi I have been reading almost every post on every site, but I haven't really found any sites with answers regarding their problems or really relating to what i'm going through. So I finally decided to register in hopes someone can relate.

(1)It's a lot but here it goes: It started with my ears plugging up and when I swallowed they wouldn't pop. They would stop up on and off for no reason. Happening about a year now but now not as much but I also get occasional pulsating like ear clogs up then its clear ear clogs up then clear. (Happened today).

(2)Recently about 3 months ago I had this weird headache that wasn't a normal ache. My right temple had this weird dull ache/pain but not painful enough that I needed pain meds. It was achey and pulsing. It happened one day and I took it as nothing then I started waking up and going to bed with it never going away. Doctor said it was a migraine but I know my body and this was not a migraine I never had one and it was not very painful. Well finally after about 2 weeks the headache finally went away.

(3)When the temple ache went away about a day later the left side of my face went numb,my scalp was numb and tingly and my left arm was numb. I went to the ER and they did nothing but give a pain shot and send me home telling me follow up with Neuro. Neuro doc and she tested for B12,Lymes,Sjrogrens and Vitamin D-(which I've always had a prob with being low) also went to Rheumatologist and got tested for Lupus all these tests came back NORMAL. I also had burning sensations in leg shortly after face and scalp symptoms. Also got tested for Scleraderma which was NORMAL.

(4) After numbness and tingling went away I started having muscle twitches on the left side of face where numbness was twitches in lip,cheek,eyebrow/lid. Now subsiding. As well as powerfull muscle twitches throughout my entire body also subsiding but still get them.

Ok so when I noticed the weird headache I think I noticed a neck ache too. I looked up pinched nerves and asked my doc to do a EMG/NCV test on me she did it and said I have bilateral mild carpal tunnels/Right C7 C8 Radiculopathy and Bilateral L5 Radiculopathy. She said I had pinched nerves in Neck/Back/Wrists how I don't know but was excited this was causing my symptoms then she said so that took care of my arms and leg numbness and problems BUT not my face numbness and that pinched nerves do not cause twitching!! She wants me to have a brain MRI and Cervical and Thoracic MRI to rule out MS!!! I am terrified but don't think I have it because of all this coming on at once and because when my face and scalp were numb my arm was numb at the same time. The muscle twitches on my body happened all at once. I really think it is due to my NECK. The test only tested C5 and below. Sorry so long but I wanted to include every detail because I know it may help others who read and looking for answers. I'm scared and this is really messing with my day to day life ....but my pinched nerves happened at the same time and if face and arm numb at once and arm is from pinched nerve that is not making sense to me. I think that whatever happened when I got these pinched nerves esp the one in neck is affecting my face and scalp but idk! Thanks to everyone if anyone has a diagnosis or same issues please reply. Sorry for long story to sum it up. So tired of playing doctor. It's your life if you really care do your own research and find specialists because some Doctor's just dont care!

Ear clogging/fullness/pulsating
face numb/tingling but only for 1 day
arm numb (due to pinched neck nerve) more than a day
muscle spasms
head pressure sometimes also
leg burning sensation/numbness (due to pinched back nerve)
twitches after numbness in face and body but in body more like flutters and some buzzing

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