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Same thought, when did you start the Paxil? But if that isn't it you should check into lupus, do you have any other symptoms? Rashes, lung pain... I have the brain fog as well but since I am not formally diagnosed with systemic lupus, even though I meet all the criteria other than kidney problems, no one will take me seriously and no one understands. I worry that if I drive I may forget which pedal is which as when I go to start the car the fog seems to make it hard to remember which is the gas and which is the brake. After some moments I usually get pretty confident I have the right pedal but I always press lightly, ready to slam down the other pedal if I chose wrong. You are not the only person this is horrible and makes me feel like a bumbling fool. However if lupus brain fog there is not much to be done except get your life routine exceptionally healthy. When I do everything just right, eat, sleep, don't smoke anything, avoid artificial foods, stress, etc it does lift. Maybe lupus is not the only cause of brain fog but it's all that I've had experience with.

Brianna - your ear crackling is inside? My ears often feel like they have gone out of place and I have to push them around a bit and it crackle pops, it does not sound like that is the same or relate to yours I just wanted to check as that is another mystery for me.

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