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I'm an 18-year-old female who's been suffering from a variety of neurological symptoms for years now. They've seemed to have worsened over the years, but now they're definitely more severe, to the point where i'm pretty much handicapped. I've been having constant brain fog, (which has effected my personality and intelligence, I used to be so sharp and smart and now I find it difficult to even type this) lightheadedness, memory loss, depression/anxiety, crackling sounds in one ear, constant pressure and a burning sensation on the right side of my head above my ear, vertigo, loss of balance, delusions, sharp pains in my ribs, indigestion, diarrhea, etc.

I've been to multiple doctors and have had many tests, yet I feel like I haven't been properly diagnosed. I've had a CT Scan about 6 years ago once the symptoms began which came out normal, an EEG about 4 years ago (results were normal), saw an ENT who told me my vision/hearing/movement was off on the right side of my body and basically all he suggested was to eliminate salt and alcohol from my diet, or to take water pills which I haven't tried because i'm already very thin and can't afford to lose any more weight. I've also gotten my bloodwork done about 2 years ago which showed I had a Vitamin D deficiency, which i've been trying to take care of, but I don't believe that's what's causing it.

It's also affected me a great deal psychologically, i've been to about 3 mental hospitals over the years and have tried just about every antidepressant out there which hasn't helped. I was once on Strattera for ADHD which helped some but I didn't continue taking it because I couldn't afford it. Other than that I've been putting off visiting the doctor again just because I know anxiety is a huge factor, it's going to be another long process of going to specialists/more tests, and also because i'm not able to see my regular physician until after the holidays.

About 2 weeks ago I made the stupid decision to smoke spice with a friend which I had a terrible reaction to, and it's made my symptoms even worse. I've been having episodes at work recently where I lose my balance and almost pass out, which has really convinced me to take action. Should I visit the hospital? What would be the best decision?

Brileeb, I would bet a thousand dollars you have a condition called postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. What I want you to do is get a machine that can take your heart rate. Lay down for 5 minutes. Then take your heart rate. Now stand up and take your heart rate. If it rises around 30 or more beats upon standing then you have POTS. Alternatively you can ask your doctor to check for you. I hope you read this message!
This is interesting. I have a few of the symptoms here and there. The one consistent symptom I have is head pressure (24/7), although it's all over my head, and not painful.

But I do get the orthostatic hypotension when getting up too quickly, which causes me to feel lightheaded or if it's bad enough, even lose balance.

I wonder if there could be a link between these postural issues and head pressure?
Hey everyone, ive been suffering from brain fog too. Its severe just like brileeb93 said. I cant do anything, school, work, study, read. Its all too hard. Feels like im in constant limbo. Im really scared to drive...feels like impending doom, because i have this problem where my reaction is slow due to the fog, i see things but i dont react fast enough or ill be looking for something in the cupboards, and its right infront of me on the shelf, meanwhile im looking else where, even though i see the item ten times, i dont acknowledge it...or ill be shopping for something, looking for something on the shelf and ill overlook it twice, three times. Or walking past a store im looking for...only to realize after. And ill tell myself, i just walked past the can i do this over and over again. I bring this up to my sister and she keeps telling me its normal, she does it all the time, but i know its normal...i feel it....its dangerous. And then my family is pressuring me to drive again...they think im loafting...wasting time...etc...even though they all know im "sick" and im being treated with paxil for depression......anyone else out there feel this? i feel like this is such a unique feeling that im the only person in the world suffering from this....Any help? Thoughts? Prayers? Guidance? Im seeing my family doctor every two weeks since she started me on paxil when i told her about was soo hard to even explain wonder ive been like this for 2 years....i hate my life....
I feel like the Paxil may be causing the brain fog for you. I was on it years ago and it made me feel like a complete zombie.
Same thought, when did you start the Paxil? But if that isn't it you should check into lupus, do you have any other symptoms? Rashes, lung pain... I have the brain fog as well but since I am not formally diagnosed with systemic lupus, even though I meet all the criteria other than kidney problems, no one will take me seriously and no one understands. I worry that if I drive I may forget which pedal is which as when I go to start the car the fog seems to make it hard to remember which is the gas and which is the brake. After some moments I usually get pretty confident I have the right pedal but I always press lightly, ready to slam down the other pedal if I chose wrong. You are not the only person this is horrible and makes me feel like a bumbling fool. However if lupus brain fog there is not much to be done except get your life routine exceptionally healthy. When I do everything just right, eat, sleep, don't smoke anything, avoid artificial foods, stress, etc it does lift. Maybe lupus is not the only cause of brain fog but it's all that I've had experience with.

Brianna - your ear crackling is inside? My ears often feel like they have gone out of place and I have to push them around a bit and it crackle pops, it does not sound like that is the same or relate to yours I just wanted to check as that is another mystery for me.

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