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Jan 27, 2012
Since the last summer in 2011 I developed seizures. The symptoms are pressure in the chest, weakness in the left arm, sensations in the head, fatigue, heart racing and ofcourse panic/fear. Had like 10-15 of them since the summer, 4 of them were severe. First one happened when I was running (Shortened sight, heart racing, high blood pressure with extreme pressure in chest, started with a sensation in the left arm, was hospitalized and the Doc said it was panic attack, EKG ok) after that I had 7 days head pressure in the back of my head with spaced out feeling like I was not there, without pain. The head pressure returned after a month and it lasted longer, then went away and again came back etc. Since december I have developed a new symptom, now I have pressure on just one spot in the head, its like a small spot on the left side of the back of my head few inches from the left ear, it's a feeling like someone grabbed the spot and is not letting go. I have seizures now and there with the same symptoms but less severe, they usually pass and my body is very fatigued after them. I just want to point out that I'm using computer alot for my studies and headphones because I compose and play piano, the seizures usually begin when I do those things for longer time during the day.
Since I'm not a doctor I cannot suggest what is going on with me because I'm generally a healthy person, I never even get the flu or drink any medications. I will visit my doctor next week to see whats going on with my head and what tests to take, but I would be grateful if I could get a suggestion here as well. My blood pressure is always 120/80, temperature is 35,8-36,1, during the seizures I never blacked out, also I'm losing hair more then a normal person should, I have long hair that's why I noticed the hair falling out and I'm male, 21 years old.

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