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I just found out today that my Lyme Test came back positive. It's been two months of symptoms/questions, and this could finally be the answer. However, before he ran the bloodwork, he ordered a brain MRI. I've been waiting for him to call me for two days with the results, but I myself picked up the mri report from radiology. I've been waiting for him to explain the results. So in the meantime, I was hoping someone could help to tell me if the results are related to the lymes. He originally suspected MS.

FINDINGS: The ventricles are normal in size. Single focal area of increased
T2 signal is noted in the right frontal lobe, sagittal FLAIR image #7. There
no extraaxial collections. There is mucoperiosteal thickening in bilateral
ethmoid and frontal sinuses. The orbits and globes are normal. The mastoid
cells and other paranasal sinuses are clear. There are normal vascular flow
voids of the major intracranial vessels. There is normal signal within the
marrow. There are no abnormal areas of enhancement. There is no evidence
for cerebellar ectopia. Diffusion weighted imaging demonstrates no areas
of restricted diffusion to suggest acute ischemia.

IMPRESSION: Essentially unremarkable MRI of the brain. Minimal sinus
disease. Mild prominence of the pineal gland is noted, nonspecific. Consider
follow-up by MRI.

I'm mostly questioning the increased t2 signal.. on top of the pineal gland and the sinus disease, as I've never heard of any of it.. I"m not sure what it means.

My symptoms;
pain in neck/back mostly, muscle spasms in neck & back and now calf. Legs are weak & feel like they're giving out. numbness in right arm. blurry vision. trouble finding the right word/stuttering. trouble concentrating, trouble with memory. eyes constantly feel like they're darting around rather than focusing on one object. restless leg sensations when sitting/standing. constant fatigue. nausea. general weakness everywhere. dizziness. lightheaded. feeling like i may fall over. i'm sure i'm forgetting more symptoms.

I'm also a 25 year old female. Not sure if that helps.

So now the next step.. do i wait out the 21 day antibiotic, or do i seek out a LLMD now? The dr hasn't told me anything about my Lymes. I believe I've had it for a long time, as I haven't found a tick on me. ;/

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