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I have CRPS type II post surgery June 2008. What started on the bottom of my right foot/ankle has spread to pretty much everywhere now, including Vuvladynia (CRPS of the genitals -- that was fun the first time -- WOWZA!). Right before Christmas 2011, I started having sharp stabbing pain, followed by ~10-seconds of blinding white light with lightning bolt electric shocks, which blinded me and made me throw my hand to my head as I swayed. I would have fallen had I not been seated. I experienced the second exact same attack fewer than three weeks later.

I recently participated in a clinical trial at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, for the "Scrambler," a new technology for chronic pain. We had great success breaking through my severe alloydnia and I experienced a two-point drop in pain. AMAZING. However, now I'm suffering from extreme headaches that won't stop. I've never been headachy before -- ever.

The two are not releated -- I don't think. The attacks happened before the Scrambler ever touched me. The headaches started right away as soon as I started Scrambling (apparently, I'm the only person reporting such headaches.).

Has ANYONE else experienced CRPS attacks in the head like this? I had a brain MRI yesterday, but of course I'm still waiting for the radiologist to read the film. I hate that...

Please help me.

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