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Hi all.

New here and was wondering if someone could help.

February 20th of last year was the start of my medical mystery journey. That day right at midnight when it turned the 20th, I started crying to the point where I couldn't calm down and started hyperventilating, which is odd cause I don't cry normally. When my mom was able to get me calm It felt like something snapped in my head and everything when silent. The usual noise of thoughts, and just whatever went silent. My right side from top of head to bottom of feet when tingly numb. (thought it was a stroke.) I lost all forms of comprehension of any information coming into my senses. I couldn't think straight, and I couldn't even name whatever objects were around me or even what my moms name was or even that she was my mom. I just knew she was important and I couldn't leave her.

Went to hospital and because of psychiatric past I was placed in that section.

I could walk but was favoring right side. I also COULD NOT relax no matter how much people wanted me too.

I finally relaxed and was able to lean back and go to sleep. the doctor came in and scared the crap out of me and mom and when that happened it seemed to solve the issue. .... or so I thought.

Later that day it happened again and mom took me to a different hospital. The "episode" as we have come to call them lasted a while but since ER's are not known for speedyness the intensity was less than when I went in. They did a cat scan and it came out normal, they did neurological tests which I also passed.... Later in the evening another "episode" came on and I had migraine symptoms with NO PAIN!!! they sent me for an MRI which was sheer torture due to the light sensitivity even though the room was as dark as they could make it.

During each "episode" the right side would go and all comprehension of information and all verbal forms of communication was drastically reduced, to the point of not being there.

Its now almost the 1 year anniversary of the onset and I have had at least 1 episode every day since that first day. All imaging tests from the neck up have come back normal. but they have not done any tests from the neck down.

I have a crappy memory now as far as short term memory goes and even memory going back to around 2004 is gone.

In January of this year I went to the ER because of severe pain from the elbows to my fingertips, and whatever wasn't in severe pain was numb. But during that visit the doctor mentioned that he saw possible narrowing of the spinal column at level c-5.

My neurologist is now referring me to a neuro psychologist.

Since the onset of the condition my good side (left side) is loosing touch sensation as well. I kicked a glass aquarium a couple of months ago and only felt the initial pain of it and then nothing. didn't even know I was bleeding.

This worries me as there have been a few times that I have been almost unable to make it home safely.

I still struggle with memory loss, and depending on the severity of each days episode depends on whether I keep my comprehension ability, and ability to talk.

During ALL episodes though there has been NO PAIN!!!! I at one point has a headache just shy of a migraine and an episode came on and while I was in the episode the headache was gone but when I came out of the episode it started right back up again.

I do have a history of Migraines, and I have sleep apnea, was born with a Bilateral cleft lip and palate and I have a large protrusion at level L-5 S-1.

Totally at a loss as to what to do next or even what this could be. ANY advice or ideas are greatly appreciated.

( I am 33 years old by the way)

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