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So on March 27, at 11pm, I got really dizzy for no reason. I was laying in bed listening to some music and all of a sudden I felt like I was dying. I blacked out for two seconds. It felt like my brain was trying to shut down. I couldnt walk afterwards and I felt like the whole room was spinning. So I went to bed with my mom because I didn't want to go to bed alone. So I lay down after about an hour of the episode and fall asleep. I wake up two hours later, can't hold my head up, can't see straight, everything is spinning, and not even two minutes of being awake and I just throw up. Then I laid back down and not even thirty minutes later I throw up again. After that I drink some water, and I throw up again. And then it was about 4 am after all the throwing up was done and I went to lay back down. I couldn't fall asleep because I was terrified to. I ended up going to bed at like, 7 am and the next day I was able to hold down food and water, but the dizziness is still there and I continue to lay down in bed til I feel better. Well here it is today, I'm still dizzy, feeling nauseous again, my blood pressure is up and down. Can't lift my head up without the room spinning, can't walk on my own, etc. I am in good health apparently to my dr. I do have strep throat that won't go away though, I'm still taking my medication and have been for 3 weeks (Clindamycin). And I'm diagnosed GAD, and have depression, and I'm always stressed out. Always. My sleeping schedule is always screwed up, I skip meals sometimes, I'm not active, I lay in bed all the time actually because my anxiety and depression is so bad. So my question is, is this dizziness something serious? Has anyone else have this happened to them? It really scared me, and I'm still scared because I'm still dizzy. I'm stressed out because I can't go to the dr or the emergency room due to the fact that I have no medical insurance and can't afford a bill. I have no job. I am begging for answers, this whole thing has me so crazy. I feel like I'm dying. Someone help me please. :(:(

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