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I had most of these symptoms after a car accident, where I injured the muscles in my neck, yet I did not hit my head, it was severe whiplash.
I had no broken bones, the tests came out fine.
I eventually was sent to a neurologist and because of my head symptoms, he sent me to physical therapy, where they worked on the muscles in my upper back and neck.
This did take care of my symptoms.
When it is in the muscles ( some of these can be very deep ) nothing will show up on any tests that you have.
I had all the symptoms of a concussion, without the concussion.
Therapy takes the knots and tension out of the muscles that are putting pressure on the blood vessels going to the brain, causing the symptoms.
It started working immediately.
The therapy I get now is called counter strain, if I overuse my neck, the symptoms come back sometimes.
I was told by the therapist that the symptoms will not go away without therapy because our muscles have memory, so i was still suffering 6 months after my accident when i was sent to therapy.
You can ask to have the deep muscles in your upper back and neck checked to see if this is the source.
Many many doctors have missed this, on me, and many others, as the source of the problem.
I went through 2 in a row last time that argued with me yet did not even check me, and the orthopedic doctor who had seen me previously, finally checked me and asked what worked in the past. I then went back to PT.
I found I can now tell by checking myself, if it is in my muscles, just by squeezing my shoulder blades or neck muscles firm, and the symptoms come on stronger.
I would suggest getting these areas checked.
Some doctors know what trigger points are, neuros and orthos, these are the main areas to have checked.
Good luck to you, I hope you get some relief. I lived feeling out of it for 6 months before I found help, so I know it can be very upsetting not to have any answers.
Let us know what you find out please. I am leaving for the weekend, and will be back about Monday. Have a nice Easter.

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