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Sunday 1st April 12 one glass of red wine to many so maybe 3 glasses in all. Woke next morning feeling groggy thought it would pass by lunch time. My wife pointed out I had a meeting at 10am with the kitchen installer, I knew I was not up to it and panicked, then bingo a pain like an electric shock across the back of the head.

Since then the symptoms are
Exaggerated startle response - to alarms, phones, car horns etc etc.
Pains in the head – Stinging at the back, twinges on the top and pains like a few hairs being pulled. Unable to concentrate for more than a few minutes without increasing the pain levels. Noise intolerance – unable to withstand noisy environments without feeling intense pain – even low level noise causes some discomfort.

I’ve had 4 or 5 bouts of this over the last 20 year, in the most severe case I was debilitated for more than 6 months, unable to read a book, drive a car or watch tv as the concentration required causes intense pain and nothing I have tried will reduce the pain other than rest.

I have tried the following
Hypnosis, brain scan, cognitive behavioural therapy, various over the counter pain killers and Urine analysis (although at that time I was not actually unwell)

Any one with similar symptoms stress related or otherwise. PS I also have partial Kallmanns so the HPA Axis is somewhat compromised

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