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Hey, for about the last year and a half I've been having some facial numbing and tingling, where it feels like the side of my face is going to sleep, then it feels like the inside of my mouth is real heavy and I can't swallow or anything. It affects my ears, sometimes when it happens, I have this really bad headache with it and I have to lie down or it won't go away and sometimes I wake up feeling worse. There are times when I have this numbing feeling in my face it goes into my neck and it will affect my arm hand and sometimes my leg and foot. It's always my right side. I've had my potassium checked which is fine, I've tried to have an mri and another test done, but medicaid wouldn't pay for it, Its getting to the point now where its affecting my speech when it happens and I feel like I'm half drunk or something. I go to an ENT sepecialist next week for some hearing problems I've been having, so I'm hoping maybe he has an idea. Other than that my doctors like thinking I'm imagining it or making out its worse than it is because hecan't figure out what it is and I'm getting really mad I don't have high blood pressure, low blood pressure, high blood sugar or low blood sugar so I'm basically not sure what the heck i can do. And the doctors already ruled out Bells Palsey So now what

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