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Hi, My name is Marilyn I'm46 years old. For the last 8months to a year I've been having these really bad attacks where the right side of my face will go numb, and the inside of my mouth feels like its gone to sleep, and I've had problems swallowing I also get really bad headaches with it and I can't really say they're headaches because its more like a stabbing on the right side of my head and these attacks get so severe I have to lie down and sleep before I feel better. Its also now started affecting my right arm and leg, because I'm having muscle spasms in both and numbing and tingling in my hands and feet when I have these attacks. The doctors have done MRI's a CAT scan blood work x-rays sonograms and everything and still have no idea whats causing these attacks. The doctor said that it could be a after affect of my chronic migranes, but I never have a migrane before these hit, does anyone have any suggestions????? I'm at the end of my rope and don't know what to do anymore

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