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I am currently waiting to see a neurologist. About 4 weeks ago my left pinky finger went numb (not completely but significant loss of sensation), which soon spread up my arm and then to my back (left kidney area), both sides of the back of my neck and the left side of my scalp and forehead and both sides of my nose and under both eyes and above my top lip. The numbness comes and goes but then I started getting dizziness and vision problems. Started with snowy vision in my left eye and then like a flashy spot just underneath my centre of vision. This then spread exactly the same to my right eye so I now see the flashy spot with both eyes open, although its worse with dim light.

In the last couple of days I have become a bit unsteady/clumsy on my feet and have noticed I've said odd things a few times, such as just a few minutes ago replying 'no please' when offered some soup by my mum :S

My Dr suspects MS I think, which is why he has referred me for a neuro appt, although I difn't think all this would happen so quickly with that, I had no symptoms less than a month ago!

There are other (possible) symptoms though which I assumed arent related, who knows though. I have always got headaches when slouching on the couch or sleeping on anything other than a bed with 1 pillow. I can never go on any rollercoasters etc as they give me intense headaches that last many hours. I also have bad posture - when I'm standing my head seems to point forwards more than other people with the top of my back sticking out a bit backwards. When I sit my natural position is with a rounded back and I have to constantly force a more upright position. My left ribs also seem to stick out a lot more than the right but maybe this is the same with everyone.

About 2 years ago I also got a bad spell of dizziness but this went on its own. I have also had a fast heartbeat since at least 11 years old with occasional palpitations more recently.

Any ideas? Neuro appt. Is weeks away yet. I have had blood tests (don't know what they included!) which came back normal and an x ray of my neck for which I am still waiting for the results.

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