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I am getting the strangest sensation on the side of my head-face by the temple region or a little above running down the jaw into the teeth. I am getting a crackling, crunching, cracking, sensation that moves around. It will sometimes start in the temple region, other times the jaw region and then it will move down the jaw into the teeth. It seems to irritate the nerves and tissue and the pain and discomfort is unbearable. It causes a pressure and some swelling and I find myself turning my head in different angles to relieve the pressure and everytime I do this its like when someone is cracking their knuckles. The sound is very loud. I have tried all kinds of medications and nothing helps. I am in the worst pain and discomfort and I cannot do anything but go through riding the pain out day after day. My life has become a train wreck, as I cannot work to support myself. Not sure the origin of where it starts. The only thing I know is I have two displaced tmj discs. Nothing I have ever read associates the symptoms I have with TMJ problems, nor does any specialist I have seen seem to know. I have tried all kinds of treatments from acupuncture, chiropractors, lasers, splint therapy and nothing relieves the symptoms or gets rid of the pain. I may encounter a few hours of relief but it never lasts, it will end up starting up again and I have had many sleepless nights because I cannot calm it down. I decided to post here to see if there is anyone out there that has ever heard of these symptoms or has anything similar please contact me. Its been over 7 years of suffering and none of the doctors or specialists I have seen seems to know.

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