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Hi everyone, I'm a 24 year old male who has recently started having some strange symptoms. It started out of the blue, really, a few weeks ago. I noticed a growing sensation of pressure in my head, mostly around my right eyebrow and surrounding area. It would only become evident in the late afternoon and later. For a week or so, the symptoms remained; then they started getting worse. The pressure sensation intensified. The area affected seemed a bit larger. My face felt even a bit numb, or something--the sensation is hard to describe. I started feeling like my neck was a bit sore too. I chalked it up to sinus issues (this was all during a bad heat wave, and sinus issues were pretty bad for everyone).

I saw my family doctor, who did a sinus scan, which showed minimal sinus inflammation, if any. We did an MRI, which saw only minimal sinus inflammation as well as the Chiari-1 Malformation (about 5 mm), which had been just a "by-the-way" type finding identified about 6 months back (well before these symptoms) during an MRI. My neurologist told me, 6 months ago, that the Chiari was nothing to worry about.

Well, with these symptoms setting in, I'm growing nervous. I'm starting to feel more soreness/pain in my neck as well as a weird pressure-type sensation in the center of the back of my head, right at the base of the skull. The symptoms are bad enough that I haven't worked or driven anywhere for a week.

My next appointment is with a neurologist, but it's a month away. None of the doctors I've talked to so far have any idea what's causing the symptoms.

One other note: about 5 days before my symptoms began, I started taking Lamictal, as an adjunct for depression. Initially, I thought the Lamictal was responsible for the symptoms, so we decided to stop that medication after I was on it for just a week. It's been two weeks now since I stopped the Lamictal. Maybe it's related, but I'm not sure.

Other than the depression, and some mild allergies, I'm healthy. Any ideas? Could this be related to Chiari after all?

I posted this in Spinal Cord Disorders as well--I'm not sure the most appropriate category for this question. Thanks in advance!

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