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Hello all,
I've just finished registering after having read several of your threads. It certainly looks like I have found some people who are experiencing symptoms similar to my own.

I'm sorry you are having these difficulties and I'm really hoping that some of you will have suggestions for what I might try for relief.

The scalp burning/pain that I have can vary greatly in location. It is sometimes at the hairline in the front near my forehead, but more often it is at the top, back of my head. The area of intense sensitivity seems to usually be about the size of a nickel, with lesser intensity spreading out from that area. There are usually 5 or 6 areas that are sensitive at one time.

Often times I am not aware of the sensitivity until I touch my head (as when I put my head on a pillow or when I brush or wash my hair. At other times I am found holding my scalp in both hands because the pain is so overwhelming.

This skin sensitivity sometimes develops on one side or the other of my face. It often starts around a cheekbone, both above and below, may include intense pain behind the eye, may include pain at the temple and the forehead. It is usually the right side of my face that is affected. This happened about a week ago and the cheekbone skin is still sensitive to touch.

This face pain often is the first symptom of an impending migraine, but that may or may not happen.

Sometimes the scalp pain seems to be worse if my hair hasn't been washed for 3 or 4 days, but at other times it makes no difference whether it has just been washed or not.

The only thing that I can possibly corrrelate with this pain is that I started taking 5000 IU of Vitamin D about a year ago. The scalp pain started in about October or November of 2011, or maybe a bit earlier. I've also realized that I've been taking a mega-dose of Vitamin B-complex. I stopped that about two weeks ago.

I stopped taking Vitamin D (except for what comes in my Calcium tablet) a few days ago. The pain has not been as bad since then, but that may be a coincidence.

I have an appointment with a neurologist in 3 weeks. My internist, allergist and dentist have all suggested that I see a neurologist as none of them has ever had a patient with this complaint before.

Thanks for listening, and please tell me if I went into too much detail.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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