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I have a 7 yr old son who is smart, witty whos world turned upside down last year. In one year this child developed 3 cysts in brain(pineal, prietal, and choroid plastsis), sensory integrative dysfunction, severe anxiety, muscle fatigue in eyes, and tics (muscle and vocal). Seeing pediatric neuro-surgeon at Childrens in San Diego. Symptoms getting worse, drs are just watching, saying "nothing is connected". Opthamalogist said eye issues may be cause of cyst in prietal area (where vision travels).

NOTHING is being done but watching. My son is now a prisioner inside his home, homeschooled, cannot tolerate even other children laughing and playing, too much input and noise. His anxiety exculated at the smallest frustration, the tics make it hard for him to read, effecting his schoolwork.

How can all this happen in a single year and nothing be connected? Is there a specialist who can look at everything? Does anyone have information to educate me on this?

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