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I really need help, I am a 41yo male who has spent the last 15years of his life been working out 3-4 days a week and playing sports. I eat healthy and do not drink but my sleep habits have always been poor and I did suffer from depression for about 6 months 1.5 years ago. This all started around 11 months ago I first noticed white flashes and dask spots in my peripheral vision. Then my eyelids began to twitch constantly all day. And then the head pressure set in. Pressure on top of my head, on my eyes and my ears. Pressure and reactions were worse when working out or playing sports. I had my vision checked twice by an eye doctor who said my eyes are fine and I need to see a neurologist. I was checked by a neurologist who ran tests (MRI of the brain), blood tests, and EEG. All tests came out fine including my first Lyme disease test. Then I started to have Myocronic Jerking at night that kept me up all night. That went to more severe head pressure and then all my legs and muscles in my arms would tighten at night. When I would move them they made these cracking and popping noises. White flashes and Dark spots where frequent at night. Then I had some severe anxiety attacks from this as my heart would start skipping beats. All the muscles in my body from eyelids to calf's to my back to my foot would occassionally twitch. My body at times felt like it was vibrating internally. Muscles became a little painful. I checked myself into the Neurology dept at NYP Columbia-Cornell. They did a 36hour EEG on me for siezures and said I did not have any and sent me home whith a perscription for propranaol that did nothing. Another 2 local doctors ran Full Lyme disease tests on me and they both came out negative. (I have found small ticks on me before) One naturepath dr put me on a good strong vitamin regiment which helped make all the anxiety eventually pass. But my joints all still crack and pop. I get severe head pressure and occassional irregular heart beat. My muscles twitch all over my body during the day and night. I cannot handle any kind of loud noise stress like music, etc as it causes anxiety and major head pressure. Even if I talk loudly for an extended period of time this happens. If I excersize it helps the muscle spasming/twiching go down but then the head pressure goes up tremendously. I also noticed I have TONS of floaters in my eyes (not the same as dark flashes or white flashes). The list of symptoms are:

-White flashes and dark spots out of peripheral vision. Especially when lying down.
-Eye lids constantly twitching/fluttering constantly especially after any kind of physical stress.
-After any exercising pressure on top of head, eyes, ears. Eye lids twitching more and more and increased dark flashes. Body cannot handle any sort of physical or mental stress what so ever? Deep loud noises cause stress or anxiety and head pressure.
-Insomnia and un-restful nights, Even when feeling so fatigued.
-Body muscles twitch constantly during conscious day and very often at night. Lots of muscle spasms, sometimes painful, joint and muscle stiffness.
-Constant muscle jerking/twitching right before trying to fall asleep every single night. Muscles all over body involved. Muscle tightness and pains in legs and arms when I am relaxed. .
-Occasional heart pain and irregular beat but when taking prescriptions it starts skipping beats, especially after head pressure. Skips heartbeats
-When lying down into sleep, after muscle jerking stops, muscles in arms and legs become very stiff when waking. When I wake up at night and straighten/stretch them all the muscles/tendons or bones in my wrists and elbows and legs/hips make a "cracking" “snapping” noises. Joints make noise all day long as well.
-When falling asleep at night or getting up in morning slight anxiety feeling, almost like inner body or legs are vibrating all the time. Body seems to tighten up so much. (This is no longer an issue and has subsided alot)
-Some difficulty in thinking/reasoning/ remembering things. Cognitive ability impaired. (Has subsided a lot lately)
-Ringing in ears and pressure at times, feels like I am flying at high altitude but ears will not pop when swallowing.
-Constantly feeling tired, fatigued. Headaches often, dizziness occasionally.
-Sometimes sore jaw muscles and right temple numbness parts of face tingle or twitch.
-Calf muscles always so tight, sometimes quads.
-Lots of floaters in eyes. Extremely noticeable. Dark Spot appears at bottom of right eye after walking.
-Growing Pain in back left shoulder blade, radiates down triceps into elbow and forearm. Pinched nerve but had that for awhile and is probably not related.

Since I test negative for Lyme no doctor will treat me for it. All my other blood test (white and red cell counts look normal) all tests come in fine. I have seen rheumetologists, heart doctors, neurologists, allergists, etc. About 15 doctors all together an no one can diagnose me or knows what to do. I have absolutely nothing to be depressed about or have anxiety about (besides this). I am going back to the Neurologists deptartment at NYP columbia-cornell Friday. I have suffered badly for 5 months now. All doctors do is give me perscriptions to help with pain and the symptoms but nothing to cure any diseases. I have slowly improved a litte were I can sleep, and function but the head pressure, dark spots, muscle twitching and skipped heartbeats from any kind of physical or mental stress or just in general during the day is driving me crazy. Can anyone offer advice? To me this seems like Lyme disease but I keep testing neg for it. I despritely need my life back. I am in the CT/NYC area. Does anyone have any advice where to go?

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