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Chiari Conundrum?
Aug 7, 2012
Hi everyone,
I'm new here, and finally yesterday decided to play Dr Google for myself. I've been tossed around like a bean bag, from Dr to Dr, physical therapist to back clinics, and I'm done. I remembered hearing about 12 years ago Arnold-Chiari Type II...I'm in the medical field, but at the time I was a teenager, and just thought it sounded cool, your brain kinda leaking down your neck...anyhow. I kinda started wondering if all these odd symptoms I've been having weren't connected somehow.

So, I guess I'm asking you. If you guys have ever had any of the same odd stuff happen to you that I've had. I will list them off, I know it may be strange, but here goes...thanks for bearing with me! :)

Awful headaches, I was diagnosed with migraines as a teen, but I wake up with a headache every day (back of the head, base of neck to back of my eyes) headaches if I cough, sneeze, laugh for crying out loud!
I've had two eye surgeries because they won't stay in place, they're naughty eyes.
Just two weeks ago I was back in the eye dr because my eyesight got BETTER, my eyes were crossing or something, I was seeing double of everything. He said I should see a Neuro doc.
Neck pain and popping, been like that for years
Low back pain, left foot numbness and tingling, now left hand tingling, I tried PT, for muscle weakness, and that guy thought I was faking the weakness, even though I would look and WILL that foot to do its thing. It was flusterating.
I will forget things. Lots of things. I'm 33, not 80. I will stutter,like my mouth can't keep up, and I feel stupid, people look at me like I'm drunk or on drugs, which I'm not. My ears ring, or feel like I'm under water. I have a fast heartbeat, which they can't figure out. I make jokes about it, because they've written me off for other things, and then I've made them look and they find it (they missed a blood clot and an abdominal tear) but I am wondering if this could all be related. Any input would be grand! Sorry again about the length..I just started reading up on the Chiari yesterday...

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