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I recently hit my head head-on to another person a week ago. It wasn't with much impact. Probably 1.5 mph. Definitely not as major as diving into a pool. I have this pressure on my neck and head. When I lift my neck up, most of the pressure is relieved. When I lay down for a period of time, I feel blood has pooled into the back of my head. I suffer from Postural Hypotension. The symptoms didn't occur right after the accident but rather gradually (day by day). I also suffer from anxiety so some symptoms add on to the pressure such as a more noticeable heart beat and dizziness. I feel weak. The weakness didn't start until I started crying every night (third day after injury). Maybe anxiety? Weakness if a symptom. My brother says it might be a Minor Cervical Injury ( he's a nurse). But the pressure is uncomfortable. Scale of 1-10, it would be a 4 or 5. I need closure so I can relieve my anxiety and focus on healing.

I can kind of relate to Mike The Situation's injury when he slammed into the wall. He suffered a light concussion with a neck sprain. His treatment was a neck brace for a weak. I hope all I have to do is to neck brace it. I can't afford MRI or CT scan. My insurance is crap.....

To make it easier I'll list the symptoms: (scaled 1-10)
Dizziness (3) started Day 4 or 7
Neck Pressure (4) started Day 3 of 7
Head Pressure (4) started Day 2 or 7
Heavy Head (3) started Day 3 of 7
Weakness (2) started Day 5 of 7
Balance Problem (.5) started Day 4 of 7
Anxiety (10) started Day 2 of 7

I feel relief when I wear a neck brace and when I ice it. Do you think it is just swelling that is causing the pressure?

Please respond!!

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