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That's interesting you say that... I always have pain in my neck & surrounding areas. I get the migraine like headaches. I talked to a lady yesterday who's had fibro almost 40 yrs. she had the neck pain & headaches also. She had neck surgery which helped her neck pain & she doesn't get the headaches anymore!
Then you mentioned releiveing those blood vessels...
I wrecked a quad a few yrs ago but never got it checked out. I think that may be causing probs now. With the derealization... I wonder if an injury from when I was a child coil have caused it. My step dad had knocked the breath out of me a few times but once in particular I really remember... My upper back, neck, shoulders & chest hurt for months. I was about 9 or so. Of course never seen a dr for it.
Funny how we can look back now & different things & wonder what could have caused what... It's like a big puzzle...
I had a neck X-ray & I guess it looks fine.
I have Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia. The neck, shoulder & upper back pain started when Fibro pain set it. My lower back which is messed up was manageable until fibro set in. Just amplifies these things. I just figured the neck x-ray would show something since its even more painful than my lower back. Many people don't believe in fibro, but it is very real. But even those of us who have it have a really hard time understanding it. Just have to learn to manage it.
I plan to go back to the therapist hopefuly soon. With 4 kids, they come first. Not helping when I have a renter destroying my rental house, hasn't paid rent since April & having a hard time getting them out. 2 extra mortgage payments on top our regular one then court fees. But you are right, if I could get rid I it on my own I would have...
I've never had Botox but didn't know it would cause derealization...
Hi thefarm, sorry you are going through such a hard time. Everything always seems to come down on us at once, doesn't it?
About your neck x-ray, these will not show any problem in the muscles.
I had x-rays also, and they showed nothing, yet I had alot of pain in my upper back, shoulders and neck, along with numerous symptoms of feeling out of it mentally, short term memory, off balance feeling, tons of others.
The neurologist sent me to therapy and it helped immensely.
The therapy I now have is called counter strain, very gentle, and it releases the tension in my muscles.
I hope you can try some therapy. My girlfriend has fibro and I know it helped her.
I also have a very messed up lower back. I had surgery years ago for a herniation, and was told at that time that I also had stenosis.
I cannot stand real long, and have another herniation. It does affected your entire spine when you have low back problems, I know as I have had low back problems for years and years.
I have been living with this for 30 years.
When my low back used to go out years ago, if I didn't get it fixed, my neck then started in, it still does.
I have also had therapy on my low back, the therapist showed me what to do to keep it from going out, and it did work for quite awhile.
Once it did go out, it just moved up my spine to my neck.
I hope you can get your muscles checked. An orthopedic doctor knows what to check, and a neurologist, and a therapist.
I think it may help your low back and neck.
Good luck to you, I hope you can find some relief from this.

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