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Hey There-
If you have received normal scans (ct scan or MRI) and everything looks good,
you might want to research candida albicans. Back in the nineties I thought I
was developing MS or ALS and went to a dr. who turned me onto "The Yeast
Connection" by Dr. William Crook. Basically what was happening was that I had
too many rounds of antiobiotics and ate too many refined carbs, which lead to an overgrowth of yeast in my gut. Everyone has this yeast-it just gets out of
balance when we kill our "good" bacteria and don't replenish it.

I would wake up normal, eat something I unknowingly had developed a reaction to, then I would feel all spacey and foggy. It wasn't
a headache-just a weird disconnected feeling which I now believe was a cerebral allergy. I also experienced panic attacks for the first time, usually
after eating wheat. Fortunately, I was able to get my system back into balance somewhat, and today when I feel these symptoms I know I have to get back on my low carb diet and get some yeast fighters and eat yogurt, etc! If you have ever been on steroids or birth control or antibiotics this might be something you should look into!

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