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"Dizzy" spells?
Sep 18, 2012
My "dizziness" as I'll call it, started in June '05 while on a road trip. The only way I can explain them is as follows...I can always tell when it is going to start because my eyes feel funny and my temples feel like they're throbbing. Then it starts at my forehead and goes to the crown of my head, back and forth like a wave and my eyes feel like they are crossing and spinning but they're not because I've looked in a mirror when this happens and they're not moving. I feel like everything is swaying, become off balance and hard to focus. This only lasts for a few seconds and when it's about to quit, it ends at my forehead, feels like I black out for split second and feels like my forehead spams like 2-3 times and tightens and drawing forward. I have had a ton of bloodwork...all neg, EMG...carpal tunnel, MRI...nothing, EEG...neg, MRA...neg and another MRI and spinal tap which spinal showed nothing. But this MRI did show sinus mucosal thickening and ovoid plaques in/on left and right frontal lobes. I've had 2 drs suspect MS but 2 neuros say no! My most recent neuro wouldn't even look at MRI report...once I told her I had fibro, that was it insurance, prejudice! Her statement was, "I think everything that is wrong with you has to do with your fibromyalgia and you're just going to have to learn to deal with it." So, she sends me out the door with a headache med (which I told her I do have headaches but not enough to take what she wanted me to take, bupar) and seizure med when EEG showed no seizure activity! Has anyone else suffered with these "dizzy" spells and dx for it? Any help or info would be very much appreciated.

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