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Hi All,

I've been having constant brain fog, lightheadedness, memory loss, depression/anxiety. I also get crackling sounds in my right ear and experience general pressure around the right side of my head (Eye, ear, brain) which when I try to concentrate eventually turns into a headache.
Just to make things even better! - I have to contend with continual postural hypotension which supposedly makes me feel dizzy and lightheadded upon standing up!

-- Currently taking 20 mg amitriptyline per day for my depression.

I have had the following:

- Blood Test for diabetes & allergies and such like - Fine!

- Full Physical body examination - Fine!

- EEG - Not perfect but completely normal!

- MRI of the brain - Fine!

- Allergy test - Slightly intolerable to wheat and gluten.

- Cancelling & Acupuncture

- Eye Test - Fine!

Thanks so much for your help!
If you are having dizziness, pressure in your head, headaches, brain fog, etc, have a neurologist check you for intercrannial pressure on the brain (fluid on the brain). After a year of lots of doctors, testing, and misdiagnosis, I finally found a neuro who knew what he was doing. The first one didn't nor did any of the various specialists that I went to. There are some simple treatments for this, not a good thing to have but it could always be worse. I am still looking for better ways to cope with this but it is much better than this time last year. Good luck!

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