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This sounds like a form of occipital neuralgia. If it gets worse or continues to bother you, you might want to see a neurologist or pain management physician.


I am experiencing some head pain. It is not severe, it isn't the "dull" type of pain... it is a bit sharp, but not very painful. It's on the left side of my head and is present when I bend over, if I press on an area near the top left of my head. The feeling is in that area and also down the side of the left side of my head almost to behind the ear. Some exertion can sometimes also bring it forth. It is not debilitating at all though.

I am not experiencing loss of vision, fatigue, confusion, speech problems or anything other than the pain. I don't believe I've hit my head or anything like that recently. It's been there for about a week now I'd say. There was a couple days when I didn't really notice it... but I do again now. What could this be?

thank you very much!:)[/QUOTE]

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