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vAbout 6-7 weeks ago I started having dizziness. I've had ear problems in the past . I went to my PCP. As suspected, I had fluid in my ears. I was given a shot of steroids and some antibiotics and sent on my way. The dizziness cleared up for about a week. When it came back, it was associated with head pressure. The pressure could last an hour or longer and felt like I was standing on my head.I also had large spikes in blood pressure. When I had the pressure, I felt very confused and disconnected. I also had pain to the back of my head and the skin on my scalp in that area was numb. As time went on, the pressure increased in frequency. Sometimes 3,4 or 5 hours. I began having numbness in my left arm from my shoulder to my elbow, both wrist, both shoulder blades,my left leg and my right leg from the knee down. These were never all at the same time but were sporatic. My PCP ordered an MRI and an MRA . The MRA was normal, the MRI showed a cyst near the base of my left eustation tube and one in the left ventricle. The dizziness became worse and I felt like I was going to pass out. I went to the er and sent home.The dizziness became constant and the pressure and pain in the back of my head was almost all day. If I sit up, the pressure was worse. If I lay down flat, the pressure was worse. I have to lay at a 30 degree angle in order to be somewhat comfortable. During this time, I have no stamina and I have to sleep 12-14 hours a day. Night sweats, weight loss. My pupils were super dialated for about 5 days.I had surgery for the cyst in my inner ear thinking this was the majority of the problem. Prior to the surgery I was put on a short course of steroids and water pills. The day after the surgery i actually felt a little better. Two days later I couldn't walk 5 feet and felt as if I should have had a raging fever. I was admitted to the hospital where they did a spinal tap-normal(The pressure in my head was instantly releaved by the spinal tap but the neuro surgeon said it didn't matter. It didn't make sense that the pressure increased when i sat up. He also said the cyst was no big deal), blood work for blood count , liver and thyroid-all normal ( had Graves and Hosimotos-my thyroid was medically destroyed 4 years ago) all cardiac were normal, cat scan normal. Physical therapy did an assessment and it took two people to walk me down the hallway.
Two weeks later my balance has greatly improved. I no longer walk like im drunk but the dizziness is still pretty much constant. My stamina still stinks. Doing things around the house for about five minutes at a time is about all I can handle and I have to walk with a walker. I haven't been able to work for a month. Some doctors look at me like I'm a hysterical women which makes me so angry. I've even had some ask me if I'm trying to get disability like I'm trying to beat the system or something....really!!!!
Went for cortizol blood test yesterday. Two weeks from now they will start doing test for autonomic nervous system disorders. Other than that, I'm not sure what the game plan is. I have another appt with my pcp next wednesday.
Has anyone had anything like this? Any test you might suggest? I just want my life back. I want to be able to be with my family and go back to work. So far I've had two er visits and have spent twelve days in the hospital with no answers. 7 weeks ago I was riding my bike 10 miles a day

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