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I am a 31 year female that have been experiencing several neurological symptoms. I first have severe fatigue that makes functioning almost impossible. I have muscle spasms in legs, calfs, and feet that leave me almost disabled. Pain in lower back that radiates in legs. Severe weekness, sometimes hard to walk or pick up legs or even open water bottles. I have bladder urgency and stomach problems.

I had a MRI of Brain....that showed a few tiny foci of abnormal signal intensities in the white matter. Differential diagnosis "Early MS plague formation"

Spinal tap was normal

MRI T-spine there is a rounded hyperintense lesion on T2 and Stir weighted images in the T4 vertebral body.

MRI L-spine There is a large well circumscribed rounded lesion in the L3 vertabral body which is hyperintense on T1 and T2

I am waiting for yet another doctor appointment now. I can't work right now and can't get answers.

I was told I have Lymes disease then was told I did not have it. I have completed a 4 week course of Doxycline.

Can anybody please help? I am going crazy!

Thank you,

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