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So I've been having some problems the past month it all started with a pain on the back left side of my head it wasn't a headache more of a sharp pain like someone was pushing a needle into my head. It felt like a pinched nerve almost and it was in the same spot everyday and it lasted the whole day. I went to the doctor and he said it was an inflamed nerve. He prescribed me prednisone. I took it for three days and the pain went away. Now I've been having these ticks in my neck. I've had them before but ive never know why they were there. I've also been feeling zoned out almost like in high. Like everthing around me is just there and I'm in my own little bubble. The back of my neck also gets really tight. I'm 18 years old and work 39 hours a week I get 7-12 hours of sleep a day. I mainly want to know what causes the ticking since it's obvious I'm doing it because my neck/adoms apple moves up and down. If you know anything about this it would be a big help.

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