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HI Guys,

This is my first time on here and I am in desperated need to share my experiances and hope that others on here can share theirs with me, as I have genuinly had enough and need to discuss my current situation with others.

In brief, my symptoms:

Jan 2012 started suffering fronm cognitive impairment (learning new things become difficult and my short term memory affected)

April full blown attack:

Paralized episodes - conscious, although non responsive no movement

Sezuire type episodes - consicious, although non repsonsive and strong spasticity movemtments, myoclonic jerks,followed by tremors all over the body.

Chronic fatigue, almost bed ridden

Chronic right leg ataxia, bowed and buckled inward

Stroke like symptoms

intollerence to heat and sunlight

brethless all the time

jerks and electric shocks in face and my jaw keeps going rigid

Muscle cramps in lower legs

pin and needles in hands, feel and arms

Neuropathis pain in knees, ligaments, feet and rib cage

walking wobbly and off balance

waekenss and numbness

erractic bowel and bladder - sometimes constipated, overly urinating, and bouts of diahreah

Moods swings


Referrals - 7 trips to A&E due to respitory concerns, sezuires (non epileptic) and stroke like symptoms

referred to Neurologist and was kept as in patient for a week for tests:

EEG clear, other than the video which revealed the sezuire episodes that are not epilepsy

EMG clear - spinal tap clear- bloods clear - CT Scan of brain clear

First MRI Scan without contrast revealed - HIGH SIGNAL INTENSITY FOCI IN VARIOUS REGIONS OF BRAIN - radiologist suggested demylinination - perfromed in May 2012

Sent home and was told it was psychogenic or stress and or ageing, please note I am 37 years old and normally healthy!!!!! couoldnt beleive what I was hearing!! demanded a second opinion from another Neurologist.

Referred in September - 2nd MRI performed with contrast revealed: high signal intensity only in the front lobes no leisons found this time.

From my understanding the 2nd MRI being 4 months after the ist has revealed less intesntiy and only one area (front lobes) and the previous lesions have diminshed. this must rules out the age theory as the mri would be the same, ageing spots/leisions would not just disappear???

Kidneys and thyroids, hormones etc all clear and normal.

Has anyone else experiance this??? I still say I have multiple sclerosis which I have maintained since day 1, even A&E thought this attack was M.S which lasted 3 months, as strokes have been apparent. I was not stressed when I first became ill, I now cannot drive or work or go out alone. No ones is telling me anything, my new neurologist has said nothing really, when I asked him directly about M.S he said: im not convinced as yet and I do not have the opitcal issue that M.S sufferers have, I have had only one very severe attack. At present I have picked up a little and am feeling better than before, I am still having sezuire episodes and am tired alot and still have myoclonic jerks but have improved 50%.

Can some please help!!!!!

thanks in advance

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