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Hi everyone,

I have been seeing doctors a lot recently about the situation I am having. So far I have had an EKG, blood tests, thyroid tests, and adrenal/hormone testing. All came back normal except my adrenals are extremely active at night, thus constant tossing and turning. The symptoms I have are: weight loss, fatigue, dark circles ( probably from lack of sleep), loss of sex drive, and heart palpitations. I used to smoke medical marijuana for stress and good nights of sleep. However, now when I smoke I feel as if my tonsils burn every time I inhale and my throat feels as if it is closing. It never actually has just feels like it. Also, recently I have had a very weird pressure in my upper nose and all throughout my temples and forehead. My family is has history of only diabetes and heart disease(from smoking) I am only 23 years old so I feel like these are very low chance for me. I feel like the problem may be something minor, I just need to figure it out and get it off my mind. Thank your guys help :)

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