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[QUOTE=kane12;5118467]Cathy- thanks so much for the reply....should I see a neurologist? My GP brushes it off although he acknowledges the big difference between pupils. I just worry he's treating effects of something bigger by trying to fix my tummy and ignoring the head symptoms. I'm off all medication at this point because I was thinking it could be related to something I was taking but it's still there with all the symptoms. I really appreciate your reply and will def see a neuro if that's the best route. I'll keep you posted![/QUOTE]

Dear kane, I hope that this post finds you better & the dr has found out that you are fine. About your concern about the GP possibly ignoring the unequal pupils, once i overheard one gp in a family practice office say to the other gp that if a patient had a hatchet in the back of his head & was only complaining about a sore throat that he would treat with antibiotics! Since then I have seen signs in some drs offices that say keep to your top two things wrong b/c of time limitations & you will have to be seen for the other things at a later appt. About the symptoms you are having if its not a medication i would see the neurologist or an opthalmologist asap. Opthalmologists can diagnose many diseases & health problems by looking at our eyes like intracranial pressure, how our pupils react with dilating, a dr of opthalmology not a dr of optometry. How is your blood pressure? I just saw your tummy thread & an internal medicine dr, internist would be who i would see for both problems if i were you b/c he can do a neuro & medical exam & order tests, make referrals that is unless i already had a neuro appt, then i would keep it

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