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Here's my story,
I was drugged and raped about 10 years ago. I remember few things about the incident. I remember coming to once but I was really disoriented and then I remember waking up at the foot of my bed naked with an odd scent in the room. I told parents about it and they refused to believe it. At that point i decided to do the same thing and block it out and didn't report it. Soon after the incident strange things started happening to my body. First initial symptoms were fever and thrush on my tongue. That eventually went away after a month. Other things like loose stools didn't go away as fast. Prior to this happening I was energetic, I could eat , eat, eat, and eat some more and keep the same shape. After IT happened I lacked the energy and my body just inflated. It wasn't me. My skin has changed. Used to get a nice rich tan in the summer and stay moisturized. Now my skin burns so easy and stays dry. My wife has to wake me up out of these night terrors I have often. The worst symptom from this all is my fuzzy/foggy head. What used to be a fuzzy foggy feeling is now more of a dead head feeling. I am now a space cadet. It keeps getting progressively worse. Now a days I have a hard time spitting out the right words. I cant remember what my wife just told me 2 minutes ago. I lack the motivation to do a lot of stuff I should be doing. I go to my doctor and he does tests and they all come back fine. He says i'm suffering from anxiety and tells me to go home. I have had a colonoscopy where they found 5 polups(4 years after incident). Head MRI where they found what the internal medicine doctor called a bad sinus infection.(5 years from the incident). Its just so HARD and makes me so ANGRY that I have these problems and can't find anything. Probably looking at me and thinking,"there''s nothing wrong with this kid." My wife and dad think its mental. Ha. This is so frustrating. With the situation of the rape im sure I do have some mental issues that need to be touched. But a lot of this is physical stuff. And I feel as if its not addressed sooner than later im gonna end up a prune. Just don't know what steps to take to make this better. Its really affecting my quality of life. Thank you.

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