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I've been diagnosed with idiopathic neuropathy. Which pretty much means that they don't know the cause. You can review my case in previous posts.

Since this struck me, I've got several bouts of anxiety too. Today, aside from my "new and weird symptoms", I've pretty much OK, neuropathy speaking.

I write this post both because of the weird symptoms I mentioned, and because I've been treated by the Social Security, where, unless you're dying, you're not going to get a doctor's appointment in months. So, any advice or input is really welcomed.

The main weird symptom, which started yesterday morning, is hard to describe, but I'll do my best.

It feels like muscular angst. My right arm and leg feel like if something tickles them from inside, they feel "nervous". Sometime they also feel a little weak, but when I "test" my strength and I can pretty much do everything, as usual.

I've read about Restless Legs Syndrome(RLS), but in my case this started just when I was taking a bath, and sometimes, like today, I felt it more during physical activity(exercise), than during rest, which is a common RLS presentation.

I've also felt worst in the morning, and not at night, as RLS patients often do.

And it's a unilateral feeling, my left arm and leg feel just fine.

Besides this, I've felt a little dizzy, specially when I close my eyes.

I have to admit that I've been under heavy stress since January, but this is the first time I've felt this way.

It's an almost permanent symptom but I've managed to sleep, not to well tough, but without any jumping or moving, at least nothing out of the ordinary.

Yesterday's night, symptoms receded, but today they began again.

Does someone has any input or knowledge on this, I really appreciate any advice.

Currently I'm taking:

Gabapentin: 300 mg twice a day (600 mg daily)
Moduretic: once a day. My blood pressure has been on a 120/83 mark this weeks.
Rivotril(Clonazepam): 0.25mg Daily. For anxiety.
Bezafibrate: I tale 200mg(one tablet) a day. Bezafibrate is used here in Mexico for triglycerides treatment.

This is my daily medicine intake, which hasn't changed much, since almost one year ago.

It's been a long time since(months) my last blood test, where the only thing out of range where both Cholesterol and Triglycerides, which in my case where high, not tremendously high, but high nevertheless. Test included pretty much every test you could imagine.

I've had three EMG/NCV, last one pretty much normal. two MRI's, both normal, several neurologic evaluations, pretty normal. This is why my neuropathy was labeled as idiopathic.

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