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Thanks. Past couple of weeks I've had dizziness, headaches and neck pain. Couple years ago I injured my neck. I had a neck xray and it showed narrowing between disks C4-C5 with no stenosis. I'm going to see a Neurologist hopefully soon if I can see one. There all pretty booked up with appointments. I'm hoping it is a neck issue and not a tumor.
I had gone to my family doctor about 5 days after all this started. She thought I had an inner ear virus or a pinched nerve in the neck. Would an inner ear virus though cause neck pain? I'm still having intermittent neck pain and headaches. This is my 14th day of intermittent pain in my forehead. Can my neck spine cause an everyday headache?
[QUOTE=marip1;5151630]Should I have my doctor order an MRI on the head and one for the neck? Or can you take one MRI that does both? Not too familiar with MRI's.[/QUOTE]

roadiez is right on! try and get as much done in one visit, as doc offices, of course, are busy and, unfortunately, we often become just another chart. every time you get scans, x-rays, CT, MRI, be sure to ask them for a copy of the report, so you have one on standby. also, depending on the doctor (older vs younger), some prefer looking at the slides, some like viewing the images on a CD, some just want the report. find out what your doc likes.

regarding where the scans focus, a simple cervical (MRI) will tell a lot. the brachial plexus mri is either on the right or left side. these images are considered "new art," so not many doctors know how to read them. anyway, the report will either be positive or negative, but just because it doesn't show up on the slides doesn't mean you don't have it. other tests can be done, such as an EMG, etc.

have you considered carpal tunnel? sounds silly, but just throwing that out as a potential differential dx.

again, i'm not an expert, but i would think it's safe to assume that an injury to the inner or outer (pinna) ear could contribute to head/neck pain. this may sound unpleasant, but perhaps a small bug entered your ear, you got water in your ear, went to far with a Q-tip, etc. could be any number of things. on a scale of 1-10, 1 being it's there and i can feel it, to 10 being, i might just jump off a building because i'm in so much pain. where do you think you are? if above a 6-7, i'd check out an emergency clinic, ER, or something. persistent headaches aren't good. listen to your body.

good luck!!!! :)

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