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Mar 28, 2013
I have had m.e for 12 years and had numerous strange symptoms over the years. I woke up at the end of November with vertigo, off balance, left sided headache, left side pressure in head, burning feeling in left side of head, watery left eye and my gp thought it was bppv so he referred me to an ent specialist. The vertigo eased a little but I still didn't feel right. The ent thought I had had bppv that had resolved even though I said about pressure in the side of my head etc.
I then started with extreme fatigue,nausea, no appetite, loose bowels, night sweats, foggy head, depression, left side headaches etc. I had my eyes tested which were fine and my gp did neuro tests which were fine and he said I had anxiety. I wasn't convinced and asked for a brain cat scan which I had last Friday and my gp rang on Monday night to say there were 3 shadows/ lesions on it and I needed an mri scan and referred to a neurologist.
He said the neurologist might do further bloods for antibodies and possible lumbar puncture.
I am worried sick, I just don't feel myself at all. My right foot keeps going red hot for a few seconds and then stops, I have an headache every day and have no energy to do anything.

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