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Hi all,
I[LEFT][B][B][B][B] hope I am in the right board..I recently was diagnosed with low B 12.My B12 was 128 while the Laboratory reference range is shown as 191-664. I had symptoms like confusion,fatigue,and numbness in one arm and GP,which I really dont trust much,prescribed me Cyanocobalamin 50 mcg tablets,three times a day.however,after taking those for over one week,those did not help me,and my symptoms got worse.

Earlier,I had numbness and weakness in left arm and leg,now that numbness has promoted to pain,Its infact a kind of pressure.then gradually I got pressure in the left side of my head,on side and back of the head...Now this pressure is kind of shifting itself from right to left...Its kind of funny symptoms . ...The strange thing is,that when I raise my left leg in the air,the pressure in my left arm and head increases,as soon as I put my leg down the pressure also subsides.

sometimes the pressure of my head shifts to leg,I mean,when I have leg pressure I dont have a stronger pressure in my head,but if I have stronger pressure in my head,then my leg becomes a bit OK...

my GP told me that It will take few weeks for symptoms to subside...I dont know whether Its really becoz of B12 deficiency or something else...I sometimes feel like it could be a problem of my blood veins or heart...because the pressure in my limbs and head is directly related to my posture,If I sit cross-legged the pressure in my arms increases...I even doubt the dose of 50 mcg taking 3 times a day,I feel its quite low..

I appreciate your advice.
For B12 deficiency, the usual dose is 2000 mcg a day sublingual initially, then maintenance after symptoms subside of 1000mcg a day. So yes that dose is quite low.You can get B12 sublingual (under tongue) tablets OTC. They are better than oral because some people do not absorb B12 well in the GI tract. Did he check you for anemia? Any family history of pernicious anemia? Some people require B12 injections to keep their levels in normal range. It would be good to have the levels rechecked in about 6-8 weeks to make sure it is coming up. Your symptoms should gradually resolve. It is possible the pressure sensations are related, as B12 deficiency can cause strange symptoms and abnormal sensations.
They don't require a RX but it is always nice to run things by your Dr. I am sure it would be ok and it would be once a day instead of 3 times a day, so more convenient. You could then ask about rechecking your level to make sure it is coming up adequately. Ideally, your B12 should be around 500 or higher.

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