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Hi, This is about an episode my fiance' experienced about 1 week ago.

Just after lunch, he was sitting and had grabbed his head and started groaning. He wouldn't speak to me, but since we know sign language, he signed and fingerspelled to me the symptoms he was having.

lots of pressure in his front left area of his head, with pain about 5/6 on pain scale. Left arm tingling, body felt very heavy, nausea, and then when he spoke finally, it was the gibberish kind of aphasia.

that all lasted about 5 minutes.

then he was fine for about 5 minutes except for the headache and nausea.

all of a sudden, he was holding his head again and groaning. his arm was tingling more and this time he was speaking, but now it was the kind of aphasia where he spoke random words and strings of words, but in his mind it felt like he was speaking english. He was able to fingerspell and sign what he truly meant.

This lasted about 5 more minutes, and he even got up to go to the bathroom while still having aphasia.

8 minutes after that bout of aphasia, he was walking back to the living room and grabbed his head and lost his balance and fell to the floor (with my help down to the floor). He did not lose consciousness.

17 minutes later (he said he was fine except for headache), I asked how he felt and he said it was just the headache at a pain level of 4 or 5. a couple of minutes after that he was kind of slumped in his chair briefly and groaning...

He refused to go to the hospital to get checked out. He also has dysautonomia, pseudotumor cerebrii, asperger's, and PTSD. He's 26 years old, no drinking, no smoking, & about 80 lbs overweight.

What do you think this was? he didn't have a drooping face. I was thinking stroke-like symptoms or even a seizure type thing. it was odd that he had 2 kinds of aphasia from different parts of the brain... I'm at a loss.

he briefly had another bit of the gibberish aphasia 2 days later, but it was in a semi-waking state.. not sure if that's true aphasia.

Please share your wisdom!:eek:

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