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People are just trying to help you - especially a mom (Lindyrosette). Mothers are true saints and I cannot even comprehend the prolonged pain that both Lindyrosette and her son endured - for 10 years - trying to get to the bottom of her son's head pain.

Her true motherness shone through in her post and she is trying to protect you and help you and guide you in the only way she can relate to your post.

She is right about figuring out the source of your pain, your headaches. That is why I suggested you try the "journaling" to see if you can figure it out on your own. What things might trigger the headaches, say a food, the panic attacks, too much sugar or caffeine etc.

Most headaches are tension or stress related. And your panic attacks cause your muscles to tightened up and contract so hard that the muscles press on the nerves and you get head pain and body pain etc. When you have a panic attack your entire body goes into that fight or flight response.....your whole body reacts not only your brain.

The side effects from a panic attack, as you know, can last several days - even a week or longer depending on how you treat your condition and the attack. If you have panic attacks several times a week your brain and body gets conditioned to know that something is "going to happen" and it will not be pleasant.

Example: It is like losing control on your bike and your brain knows you are going to fall. Your brain and body "prepare" for impact. Your muscles tighten up, your heart is racing full out and your muscles and nerves are on high alert. Ready for impact.

If you are riding your bike daily and you fall everyday - your brain gets conditioned to know something negative is going to happen and your body gets ready for a fall even before it happens. Same thing with chronic panic attacks. Your brain and body begin to anticipate the attack.

Panic attacks can cause chronic head pain, but it is good for you to continue to be vigilant - start to write down when you have the headaches(time of day), how long do they last, how bad are they on a scale of 1-10, what was happening before, during and after the headache. This can help you see patterns and maybe get you closer to knowing what is going on with your body.

Also, no matter what you are dealing with, exercise and stress reduction techniques are always helpful whether you are healthy or dealing with a chronic illness. (Look up stress reduction techniques on the Internet to get some ideas.)

If you are concerned about the information that Lindyrosette shared, call your doctor and tell them your concerns and ask them to test you for it. Do whatever you need to do to help you cope.

Hang in there. My prayers are with you.


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