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[QUOTE=Jimmy18;5195681]Sorry if this is not the real place to ask this, I'm new to this forum.
I'm 18 years old and I've been obsessed with brain tumor since forever. Two years ago, I started to feel weird sensations in my head, like a pressure or sharp pains that last for about 5-10 seconds. But, after one week the pain went away. One year later, I got my first panic attack, followed by shortened breath, tachycardia, nausea, etc. The next day the pain in my head showed up again. It didn't go away for two weeks (it doesn't hurt the whole day but for example, 3 times a day for about a few seconds - enough to scare me), so I visited a neurologist who told me that the pain is probably caused by my neck and back problems. I was scared because it hurts on the back of my head and scalp, not temples or forehead and he told me that the muscle knots cause pain. But, the pain didn't stop and I was totally freaked out so he told me to do a CT scan, just so that I could convince myself that I don't have brain tumor, cause that was the only thing I talked about. The scan was clear and I kinda felt relieved but not for a long time. The pain in my head and my panic attacks continued for the next three months and when I finally decided to visit a psychiatrist, I was diagnosed with health anxiety. After long talks, the panic attacks disappeared but not the head pains. I mean, I was better, I started to get them only twice a week for example but there were times when it could hurt for 10 days and then disappear for a week. It just can't go away forever! Why can't it? I visited 3 different neurologists and did a CT scan again (clear) and all of them told me it's just my anxiety and the pain won't go away until I convince myself that it's not a brain tumor. But I can't, since the pain is here all the time, I'm not one of those people who will ignore the pain and continue living life normally. I'm so desperate...[/QUOTE]
If the pain persists seek further help! An MRI SCAN SHOWS UP MORE THAN A CT SCAN and an aniogram shows us anything they miss! My young son aged 26 nearly died as he had an AVM FISTULA that went undetected as scans do not show this! He was begging for help and was even ridiculed by some but HE KNEW HIS HEAD PAINS WERE REAL! He had a whooshing sound in his head and severe head pains and a doctor put a stethescope behind his ear and could hear the blood whooshing!

One way of detecting an AVM fistula! I don't want to scare you but my son nearly died at Christmas because his illness had gone undetected! Now he is on disability and is left with permanent eye damage at age 33 years old!

NEVER BE SCARED TO SPEAK OUT TO THE DOCTORS! DON'T BE EASILY FOBBED OFF! If you have head pain there is a reason! Hope you get it sorted!

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