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I am a 35yr man who seems healthy on the outside but inside I have all these symptoms. I was reading a post by member tobusy4 and his symptoms are [COLOR="Red"]EXACTLY[/COLOR] like mine. I have inexplicable symptoms that come and go for no reason. I get these black floaters all the time with white flashes. I wake up in the middle of the night with my heart pounding. My ears are always ringing and popping. When I take a nap, I wake up with my left eye dilated and I cannot see for awhile. I always feel these popping and cracking all over my body. This all started in Dec 2011 when I was in front of a computer screen at work and all of a sudden my vision just went completely out as though there were bright flashes of camera around me. I could not see and was disoriented for 30min. Even when I am relaxed, my heart would skip a beat then pound. My equilibrium is off and I get this pressure in my head all the time. It feels like there is liquid in my heart. I've done all tests known to man and they are all normal. I had an MRI/MRA, blood tests, eye exams, EKG, ultrasound, I had a heart monitor and nothing! Sometimes I have a hard time talking as though I cannot express myself. I am always gasping for breath for no reason. I am a health nut and take very good care of myself and I only eat organic. I just want my life back so I can enjoy it with my wife. She feels so bad for me because she doesn't know how to help me. Please Help!!!

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