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Hi I'm a 24 year old woman and for the past month or so I've been hit with a series of ailments....

In May-June
My vision started to blur. I guess the best way to describe it would be like comparing your eyes to a windshield. It would get a little foggy but when I rubbed my eyes, the fogginess would go away.

Eventually I thought my vision was going bad so I decided to visit an Optometrist on June 22nd. She said my vision was more or less fine (a very small prescription) but that I had a larger optic nerve in my right eye. She said that this could or could not be indicative of Glaucoma but that I needed to visit an Ophthalmologist to be absolutely sure. I have just gotten an appointment to see one next Wednesday (7/24).

After visiting the optometrist on 6/22, I was extremely stressed out by the possibility that I could potentially go blind. Starting on the night of 6/22, I started getting mild-moderate headaches most every other day or so since then. They didn't last all day but they'd reappear and disappear throughout the day on some days. Some days I didn't get any headaches. And most of the time, the headaches would be a sort of dull throbbing pain.

I also started getting eye pressure starting the week of 6/28 until this past weekend. My eyes would feel pressure, tear up, and get blurry (although when I rubbed my eyes, the blurriness would again go away). I eventually had to use eye drops to relieve the pressure and fogginess. The tear drops would relieve the symptoms for a couple of hours.

So since last week, I started using tear drops and Tylonel Extra Strength to relieve my symptoms. On 7/6/13, I got some deep sleep the night before and relaxed. I didn't really have any symptoms until the following evening and even then just mild headache. Sunday (7/7) was symptom free. On Monday, the headache returned after I ate some greasy, fatty good.

And since Monday, there's no more blurriness/eye pressure...well just a little pressure but not more than a couple of seconds. However since yesterday evening, I started getting a headache or burning sensation in my head. It would move around my head. And today, it traveled around my body as well (thighs, throat, hands, back, lower abdomen).

*All symptoms would worsen if I ate anything greasy or especially salty. I've been sticking to home made healthy stuff since they started.

If anyone has any idea/advice what all of this could mean, please do hesitate to say so. I don't know this is medical emergency, my health insurance doesn't kick in until next week and right now I'm trying to decide if my symptoms are worth going to urgent care without insurance ($$$) or waiting for the doctor.

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